Fullfilling the Mission of James 1:27

A Helping Hand Outreach

We believe that only a loving family can provide the best environment for a child. Even the best orphanage equipped with the most advanced equipment and most experienced personnel cannot replace the love of a parent. However the reality is that the number of orphans in the world is overwhelming. AHH supports those children, who have not been adopted, through humanitarian projects over the world. For many years we have provided playground equipment, drinking water, food, toys as well as training to the orphanage workers overseas. If you share our vision of relieving children, the most helpless and suffering peoples group, in their distress we welcome you on board. Let us work together to bring love, hope and deliverance to those who need it most! Your charitable donation will help our ministry to find more loving homes for the orphans and to lend a helping hand to those orphans who are still waiting to be adopted. You can learn about our ongoing outreach efforts in different countries by visiting the links below: