Nicaragua Mission 2010

On our trip to Nicaragua we were allowed to visit two orphanages in Managua. We welcomed the opportunity as we were hoping not only to meet with adoption officials but also to see the ways the Lord might use us to bless and to minister to those orphans who were not being adopted. What we found can be best described in Luke 10:2,” The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few”. (English Standard Version)

We offered to throw a pinata party for the kids and one out of two orphanages said “yes”. It is hard to say who had more fun at the parties – the children or us. We were definitely blessed and humbled to see the kids dancing, laughing, eating — all that on a fairly modest budget to say the least. When we arrived to the orphanage we were immediately surrounded by kids and everyone wanted to tell us something special about themselves. One girl made the most beautiful pillow cases and asked us to get her more fabric so she could keep making them.

A young man who “graduated” from the orphanage, but still remained there, was the DJ for the party and shared his musical collection with us. The orphanage staff was very friendly and appreciative. Nannies basically live at the orphanages five to six days a week. However, the number of caregivers is obviously not enough to give proper stimulation to every baby and child.

Central government only provides about thirty percent of the budget and the orphanages heavily rely on donations and support from local and foreign charities and businesses to keep the doors open and the kids fed and clothed. We were leaving this orphanage with mixed feelings. We totally enjoyed our visit but it was so difficult to leave knowing that there were about two hundred orphans in that orphanage! Two hundred children who do not have a mommy and a daddy to tuck them in at night, to tell them a bedtime story, to comfort them when they are scared.

It is our prayer that the Lord will open a door for us to fix that problem and to bring these children home! In the meantime we prayerfully consider developing long – terming relationships with these orphanages and continue our ministry to the children there. We thank our supporters who made our trip possible and invite you to join us in our ministry in Nicaragua! Whether you want to donate or go yourself you will be the Lord’s instrument of His grace, blessing and redeeming Love in the lives of these children. Please contact our office for more information!