About Us

Nightlight Christian Adoptions (formerly A Helping Hand Adoption Agency) is a Christian interdenominational ministry dedicated to serving orphans around the world through adoptions and orphan relief. We specialize in domestic, embryo, and international adoptions. Click here for more information on adoptions or submit a request for detailed information on our programs.

Our ministry is involved in humanitarian work in many countries to help those orphans who will not be adopted. We provide food, playground and rehabilitation equipment to orphanages and, where permitted, share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with orphans and street children.

We are a non-profit licensed child-placing agency with the Cabinet for Health Services of the Commonwealth of Kentucky and Hague accredited entity with the US Department of State. We are also members of the National Council For Adoption and the National Christian Adoption Fellowship.

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Thank you for visiting our website. It is our prayer that you will help us change the lives of orphans one home at a time.


AHH Statistics

Year Adoption Disruptions Dissolutions Percentage Of
Placements Intact
# Of Parents
Who Applied To Adopt
2013 36 0 1 97% 60
2012 37 0 0 100% 45
2011 33 0 1 97% 67