Home Studies

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A Helping Hand provides services for families who are adopting internationally or domestically and works with other social service agencies to ensure our adoption clients get exactly what they need to complete the process.

Our social workers specialize in adoption work and have a wealth of experience to help prepare families for adoption. They are very thorough and professional yet maintain a high level of compassion for families going through the arduous process of adoption. The following is a list of services we provide:

    • We provide home study services throughout the state of Kentucky.
    • International Home Studies
    • Domestic home studies (both agency-directed and independent)
    • Birthparents’ services
    • Home study updates
    • Court reports for families finalizing their international or domestic adoption in Kentucky
    • Special Needs Assessments
    • Post-placement and post-adoption reports
    • Post adoption counseling

We work with a large number of placing agencies preparing their Kentucky clients for their adoptions. We are Hague accredited through COA and are experienced in completing home studies for Hague and non-Hague adoptions.

Social service providers play a critical role in the adoption process. We believe we have some of the best in the business! Our fees are very competitive and we provide home study services to families no matter where they reside in the State of Kentucky. If you have any questions please contact us via email or call at 859-263-9964.

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Home Studies Abroad

Nightlight Christian Adoptions (formerly A Helping Hand) is able to do your home study, even if you are an American living in another country. We will send a social worker to where you live! Click here