Embryo Donation and Adoption

A Helping Hand Adoption Agency is pleased to offer the Snowflakes® Embryo Adoption program as an adoption alternative.

If you are an embryo donor, feel confident that we will employ the best practices of adoption to your embryo placement:

  1. A home study will ensure your embryos go to a loving, safe family
  2. Matching will be done by our clinical staff, meeting your matching criteria
  3. You will have an “open” relationship with the adopting family, so you will know the outcome of the embryo transfer and can communicate directly with the family.  You will get updates about how the baby is doing. 

Embryo Adoption is a great option for families whose infertility does not allow them to create their own genetic family. Embryo Adoption is a loving choice which allows couples to adopt waiting embryos that have been created through another couple’s in vitro fertilization process. When a couple has completed their IVF treatment, often, remaining embryos are left in waiting while the couple decides how to proceed. With those remaining embryos, the couple may choose to donate them to scientific research, dispose of them, keep them frozen at a fertility clinic, or donate them to a deserving family. Many IVF couples choose to give life to their remaining embryos by donating them to another couple for family building; this is called Embryo Adoption.


  • Embryo Adoption is a proven, viable adoption alternative.
  • Embryo Adoption is a loving option to families of the 600,000 embryos frozen in clinics throughout the U.S.
  • Adoptive families will receive a profile of autobiographical information, medical health history, and pictures from the family whose embryos are adopted.
  • Adoptive families will experience pregnancy and give birth to an adopted child as well as control the pre-natal environment of their child.

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