What are the ages of children that you place through Nightligth’s Domestic Program?

We typically place newborns through our domestic program. It is rare for an older child to be placed through private adoption, but we are willing to help with any situation involving making an adoption plan for an older infant or child.

What kind of criteria should I consider when selecting a family for my child?

A few of the concerns you might have when selecting an adoptive family who will love and nurture your child are:

  • marital status and length of marriage
  • age of parents
  • any other children in home
  • employment status of parents
  • financial stability
  • statement of faith/religion
  • compatible personalities
  • arrangement for ongoing contact

If you would like to look at the profiles of couples who have already completed a home study and are ready to provide a loving home to a child, view our Waiting Family Profiles.

What if I’m matched with an adoptive family through another source?

Notify our office and the pregnancy counselor immediately. Depending upon the situation, you may still be eligible for our services as a modified adoption plan.

When does Kentucky law say the relinquishment can be signed?

A birth mother/birth father can sign the relinquishment 72 hours after the baby has been born.

What rights does the child’s birth father have under KY law?

The child’s birth father will generally fall into one of two categories: legal or putative. A legal father is a man who is married to the birth mother and may or may not be the child’s biological parent. He must also consent to the adoption and sign a relinquishment.

If a birth father, or putative father, is named, he typically has fewer rights unless he has met certain conditions throughout the pregnancy. If the putative father meets certain criteria under KY law, he will need to be notified for his consent to the adoption plan. It is important to discuss the rights of the birthfather and/or legal father with our pregnancy counselor. She, along with the attorney who works with our birth mothers, will guide you through this area of the adoption plan.

Why choose open adoption?

We believe it is the healthiest situation for all members of the adoption triad. The purpose of open adoption is to comfort and encourage you throughout the years with the knowledge of your child’s well-being, to provide answers for the child, and to empower the adoptive parents in raising their child.

What varying degrees of contact are available in open adoption?

Open adoption encompasses a broad spectrum of contact between the birth parents and adoptive family. It can range from exchanging pictures and letters through the agency a few times a year to ongoing direct contact and visitation. The degree of openness and contact will depend upon the wishes of the birth parents and the adoptive family. Our adoptive families are made aware during their training process that openness in adoption is the most positive and healthiest choice for all involved.

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