Shey and Gina

Dear Birthmother,

We want to first thank you for considering us for what must be the hardest decision of your life. We don’t pretend to understand what you have been through or what led you to choose adoption for your baby. We do want you to know that although we haven’t met you, we have been praying for you, for your health, your fears and concerns, and this decision since we began our journey to adopt.

Our family didn’t begin in the “traditional” sense. We were introduced by my late husband’s best friend. I had been widowed and raising my son(Bryce ) alone for seven years when we met. We had a short engagement and wed five months after our first conversation. Shey adopted Bryce shortly after we married, so adoption has been part of our family’s legacy from the beginning. After having a son together(Hezekiah) , and knowing we wanted to expand our family even more, adoption seemed like a very natural decision for us.

We are very blessed in that Shey’s job allows him great flexibility, and we are able to spend a lot of time together as a family. He has worked as an account manager at the same company for the last fifteen years. Before he transitioned into the career he has now, he was a helicopter pilot in the Army for ten years. I was fortunate enough to have a job I loved as a high school English teacher for eight years before we met. Even though I enjoyed teaching immensely, after we married I easily made the decision to stay at home and raise our children, which has been a tremendous blessing.

We live in a split-level ranch house, in a small subdivision. We love where we live and our neighborhood, which consists of every type of family, from elderly grandparents to young couples with small children. We have a large yard which backs up to a state park. We enjoy swimming in our in-ground pool and the children enjoy playing on the wooden playset next to it.

Shey has many diverse interests, ranging from reading classic novels, to running ultra-marathon trail races and rooting for his beloved Dallas Cowboys. Most of the time he can be found outside, engaging in whatever activity the boys are doing. Our yard and driveway frequently consist of several teenagers and toddlers playing basketball and riding bikes. I enjoy running with Shey-although much shorter distances, and scrapbooking and reading as well. I love to cook for family and friends, and we frequently have people at our house eating and fellowshipping. As a family we enjoy diverse activities too. We are very active and enjoy all four seasons, from walking and running the trails behind our house to sledding in the snow at the park down the street from our home. We enjoy attending college basketball games and Sabres hockey games as well.

Our faith is without a doubt the most important thing to us as a couple and as a family. It is our desire to raise our children to know the love of Christ and to have a personal relationship with Him, serving Him and others.

We are comfortable with whatever level of openness you desire in adoption. This can be anything from pictures and letters through the years, to a closer relationship resembling more of an extended family member. Regardless of whatever contact you desire, this child will know your love and selflessness in making this decision.

Thank you for choosing life for your baby. We pray that you will feel God’s peace in making this very important and difficult decision.

Shey and Gina