Michael and Taylor

Dear Birth Mother,

We’re so excited that you’ve decided to take the time to read about our family, our hopes and our journey! We met in college while volunteering in our local Habitat for Humanity chapter over a conversation about vacuuming and macaroni and cheese. We were married six years later on a beautiful September day. Ever since then, we’ve known we wanted children. Four years later, we now know there’s a plan for our family; it just wasn’t the plan we expected. We have endured multiple miscarriages, and the doctors cannot give me any treatments that will help me carry a child to term. We made the decision together to stop trying to have a biological child as we value that life and also wanted to make sure that I stayed healthy for the child we plan to adopt.

While the miscarriages and fertility treatments have been painful for us, it has brought us to this new exciting adventure of adoption. We are so thankful for this option and blessed that God showed us the path we need to take to start our family. We know that someday soon, we will finally be able to raise a child in our home and that we’ll be better parents having been through this time. We’re stronger as a couple and are now ready to raise our children to have fun, enjoy life and love others.

To give you a little glimpse of our lives, we live in a lovely home with three bedrooms and two and a half baths in a cute neighborhood in the middle of our town. We have a large yard with lots of trees and are not far from the park. My husband works for a local university in their career services department while I work as a communication specialist. We both love our jobs, but I am open to staying at home with our child if we decide that is the best plan. My job is flexible and will allow me to work from home and we also have family friends that will help out with child care.

We enjoy going to sporting events – football and basketball mainly – and look forward to the day when we can take our child to these events as well. We also enjoy concerts, being outside, hiking and golf. We enjoy socializing with our friends. Many of our friends have small children and we cannot wait to have a child that can join in on all of the fun our friends have together. Mike and I both teach Sunday school at our church and love teaching and playing with kids of all ages.

We would be happy to exchange information over the telephone or through letters and pictures or even meet you, if you’re comfortable with a meeting. We are also willing to maintain a relationship with you after the baby is born. If you select us as parents, we would be happy to send you pictures and letters to let you know what the child is doing at each age. We would also consider a more open relationship if you are comfortable with that. Of course, we also want to respect your privacy and your life and plans.
We wish you the best, whatever you decide. I know it is a difficult time in your life. We care about you and are willing to help. We just can’t thank you enough for considering us as worthy parents to your child!