Kevin and Ann

Dear Birth Parents,

It is interesting to see how events bring people together who previously were unknown to each other; how they begin to relate to one another, and the developments that follow. This shows the inter-connectedness between the lives of people and the reliance we have upon one another for support, affection, and love. Because of these things, we are truly the “human family”. So we find ourselves in this type of scenario. This letter is most likely the first time we have ever been in any form of contact, yet as you read we are becoming known to you in a simple manner and we wait, if you are willing, to know who you are and how you have come to choose the blessing of adoption.

We have been married for seven years. Early in our marriage, we experienced a miscarriage and have never conceived a child again. After time to grieve the loss of our child and fertility, we have felt our hearts drawn to adoption.

We have many common interests and values, foremost being our Catholic faith which shapes our worldview and helps us to overcome challenges. When not at our places of employment or in the forest, we enjoy quiet evenings, reading, watching movies, or sitting on the porch. We also enjoy visiting the homebound from our church and chaperoning the youth mission trips. Similar to her childhood experiences, Ann dreams of reading stories in the evening, followed by bedtime prayers with your child. Kevin anticipates holding the back of a bicycle teaching your child to balance and soon they will be riding through the woods together. We foresee weekend camping trips and frequent visits to see Grandparents and other extended family.

Kevin, whose upbringing is from a family who resides in a coastal state, is employed full-time by a charity as a carpenter to assist families with repairs on their homes that they otherwise would not be able to afford. Other than the previously mentioned interests, he enjoys hunting, fishing, construction, and amateur photography. He looks forward to the opportunity of teaching a child the skills of life. Kevin is also an ordained Deacon and active in the life of the Catholic Church.

Ann is from a farming state in the Midwest, where some of her family still resides. She works as a Speech Pathologist in a nearby school system. This will give her summers and breaks to be at home with your child. It is very common to find Ann curled up on the couch with a cup of tea reading books about Faith or cooking healthy recipes with vegetables from her garden. On occasion, she can be seen crocheting a blanket for a child that has entered our extended family.

We are aware that this decision is not an easy one for you and we pray that you have wisdom and peace as you determine the best choices for yourself and your child. If you choose to entrust us to share in the blessing of your child we would be open to establishing a relationship with you as we will share a common bond.

Blessings and Peace,

Kevin and Ann