Trey and Emily


Thank you for considering our family. We have prayed about what to say to you but can only start with ‘Thank you.’ Whether you choose our family or another you are making the ultimate sacrifice for your child. We don’t know what brought you to adoption, but we do know that you are strong for choosing this path and we admire and respect you.

If you are wondering what circumstances brought us to adoption, we had difficulty getting pregnant after our daughter was born. When we finally conceived the pregnancies did not last. We have always talked about adoption and our pregnancy losses reinforced our desire.

We are in a strong and healthy marriage. After seven years we are very much in love. Trey is a devoted father. He sees the measure of his worth in the happiness of his family. If Emily is not home to comb our daughter’s hair Trey takes his time to do the best ponytail he can and to find a “matching” bow (ok he doesn’t do the best job matching bows but we have never considered that a deal breaker :) . Emily is a loving mother and does all she can to ensure that our family is happy . She loves finding new things to do together like riding bikes on the path near our house, hosting parties or enjoying the Nutcracker ballet at Christmas.

Our families are so important to us. We vacation with them and see them weekly. We have five nephews who are under age seven which makes family parties fun for the kids. Our family and friends are excited to help us welcome a new baby. We have their full support and unconditional love. It is also important to us that our children are raised in a faith-filled family and attend church regularly. We are Catholic and intend to send our children to Catholic grade school and high school. Our goal is for our children to recognize the importance of God in their lives.

We have each earned both college and graduate degrees and work to provide for our family and to instill a love of learning in our daughter. Our educations provide us with many benefits and we are Blessed to share those benefits with our family. Emily works part-time which allows her the flexibility to spend time at home with our daughter. Neither of us travel for work which allows us to have family time together during the week.

We are dedicated to our family and cannot tell you how thrilled we are at the thought of adding another child. If you entrust your child to us we promise they will be raised in a loving family. God will be a part of their life and we will try to lead by example. We are ready to welcome your child into our home and have already welcomed them in our hearts.

Trey and Emily

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