Sean and Darlene


Dear Birth Parents,

Hi!  We are Sean and Darlene and it is our privilege to write this letter to you. As we write this letter, we are amazed by your courage and selflessness. We admire your strength and your love for your child.  We can only imagine the difficult decisions you face and we want you to feel confident that you are placing your child with a family that will love him or her unconditionally.

College is where we met, started dating and fell in love.  We just celebrated our seventeenth wedding anniversary and have never been more ready to welcome a child into our lives.  We knew from the start we wanted a family and after many years of infertility treatments, prayer and conversations with family and friends we came to the decision to adopt.  We are ready to expand our family as we have an abundance of love and stability to provide a child. Our relationship with God is the center of our marriage and will continue to be an important part in our family life.

We live in a three bedroom two story home that is located on a low traffic street. We share our home with our dog, Dakota. We have lived in our neighborhood for over twelve years and have come to see our neighbors as extended family.  We have a great community that has good schools, parks, and libraries.

Darlene is a caring and encouraging woman and always puts others first. She enjoys running, reading and working in the yard.  She is very successful in her role as a Project Manager for a healthcare company.  Together, we love to walk our dog, go to the zoo and vacation with family and friends. She was an answer to a prayer and is my best friend!

Sean is funny, loyal and hard working. He is an avid sports fan, likes to work in the yard and loves video games.  Sean works as a Finance Manger in a large supply chain organization.  Together, we like to watch football, grill out and go to movies.  Sean was a gift from God and is my best friend!

Our family is very important to us.  We love spending birthdays and holidays with our families, especially Thanksgiving and Christmas. Our family has continually prayed for us to be blessed with a child and is excited and supportive about our decision to adopt and can hardly wait to see our family grow.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about us.  Our child will always know the special way he or she entered our lives so that they will know and understand the unconditional love you had for them. We will teach them to be respectful, have compassion, follow their dreams and to laugh. There will be plenty of hugs and kisses.  Thank you for your courage in this decision and thank you for considering us to parent and love your child.

With Love,
Sean and Darlene

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