Ryan and Amanda


Dear Birth Parent,

Hello! We are thrilled that you are reading our letter and we admire your strength and courage in choosing life and considering adoption for your baby. We can’t even imagine what you are going through and how difficult this decision must be. We would love the chance to get to know you and learn of your dreams for your baby. We believe that adoption is an act of love for all involved, with the child’s best interests at heart. With us, your child will always know of your courage, strength, and love.

We have been blessed with a strong marriage, close friends, supportive family, and financial security. We live in a charming ranch home with plenty of room including a playroom. Outside is a spacious fenced-in yard complete with a swing set. There are parks, shopping, and great schools nearby. Ryan is a lead mechanical design engineer and enjoys designing helicopters and military vehicles. I am a first-grade schoolteacher and I love getting to interact with kids all day. Another perk of my job is that I get to stay home during breaks and other non-school days.

Both Ryan and I enjoy traveling to see new places and cheering for the University of Kentucky Wildcats. Ryan also enjoys riding bikes, hunting, and golfing. A few of my hobbies include reading, doing arts and craft projects, and shopping. We also love to socialize with our friends. Most of our friends have small children and we also have nieces and nephews. Our family is very close and loving. Everyone is very supportive of our plan to adopt and is anxious to meet our new family member. We attend church regularly and are active members. I volunteer in the church nursery and have recently taken over as the nursery coordinator. Ryan volunteers in videoing morning services and he also plays softball on one of the church’s teams.

We have one daughter, Avery. After a complicated pregnancy, I gave birth prematurely and she spent almost three months in the NICU. She is now a happy, healthy three-year-old. However; we both long for another child to love. The doctors don’t have any method to help me carry a baby to term. Having a biological child is not what matters to us – what matters is having a child to love unconditionally and feeling fulfilled as a family.

If you select us as parents, we would be happy to send you pictures and updated information to let you know what the child is doing and enjoys at each age. We would even consider a more open relationship once the child is mature enough and old enough if that is something both you and the child are comfortable with. We will respect your privacy and the life ahead of you should you choose a more closed adoption.

Although we have not met you, you and your child have been in our prayers. In our eyes, you are an angel who will always hold a special place in our hearts. We believe that a child is a blessing no matter how God brings them to you. As part of our family, your child will grow up knowing from an early age that you love him/her. Thank you again for considering our family to love and cherish your child. We wish you the best, whatever you decide.

With Love,

Ryan and Amanda

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