Vince and Elizabeth

Dear Birth Mother,

We are honored to be sharing our story with you. Thank you for taking the time to read through our letter, look through our profile book, and hopefully get to know us better. We understand this is a difficult decision and we respect your choice in determining what is best for your child. Hopefully we can provide you with a snapshot of our life and what we can offer your child.

We met through mutual friends six years ago and have been married a little over four years. We are a fun loving couple who are very excited to share our lives and love with a new baby. We enjoy every second of our life together and are truly best friends. Our marriage is built on love and respect. We share a love of traveling, outdoors, sports, and keeping active.

We have two sons, Sam and Jack, who are excited about having a new brother or sister. They are very caring and will love your child unconditionally. Both boys will make great big brothers and will teach and protect your child the way they do for each other.

Vince works in sales. His territory is within a two hour radius so he does not have to be gone overnight. He is in charge of a warehouse as well as the sales territory and enjoys the time of getting to know new customers. Elizabeth works in human resources. She loves her job because she has a passion for helping people.

We live in a four bedroom home in Northern Kentucky in a child-friendly neighborhood on a cul-de-sac street. There are many fun and educational places close by such as parks, playgrounds, zoos, and the private pool we are a member of during the summer. One of our bedrooms is reserved for the baby. It is not decorated yet; we are just waiting to see if we will be going with pink or blue.

We have a very close family. Your child will have grandparents who will care deeply about your child. They are so excited we are adopting and they can’t wait to meet your child. One lives within ten minutes and the other set lives north of Nashville, only 4 hours away. We spend lots of time with all of them.

We want to assure you that we have lots of love to give to a child. We care deeply about making sure your child is raised in a home that is supportive and loving. Our faith and experiences in life will guide us in raising your child.

We are comfortable with an open adoption, if you desire, and we look forward to your child having the opportunities and comfort of knowing their birth parents. We will keep you updated with photos and milestones, and are committed to continuing the connection into the future. We will make sure your child knows of the love you have for them and how they came to be a part of our family.

We look forward to meeting you, and hearing about your hopes and dreams for your baby. We want you to feel comfortable about this tough decision knowing you made the best choice when considering us as adoptive parents.

With Love,
Vince & Elizabeth