Travis and Terryn



Thinking back over our lives, we have tackled various hardships, but few have compared to writing this letter. At this point we do not know each other, yet we came to A Helping Hand with a similar desire. Though our circumstances are different, we both want to provide our child with a loving home and the tools to create a successful future. While that sounds simple, as we both well know, “simple” could not be farther from the truth.

We have always been the type of couple that seeks the joys in life: we travel, play outside, spend time with family, and get wrapped up in tv shows. Over the last few years our feelings have started to turn towards “something is missing.” After numerous conversations, we realized that the missing piece to our family is a child. Soon after, we started trying to conceive, only to be disappointed as the months went by. Medicines and other procedures were offered, but we felt that if such measures were necessary for us to conceive, perhaps that was not the path we were supposed to take. We soon decided that if a natural childbirth was not in the cards for us, we would shift our focus to providing a loving home for a child to grow up in through adoption. Generally speaking, this is how we face all obstacles. We feel roadblocks will always pop up, but in working through them we will grow stronger as a family.

In our families, honesty is highly valued. If during this process you choose us as the couple you wish to raise your child, you will never have to question if we are “doing what we said we would.” While we can’t guarantee that your child will have the perfect life with us, we can promise that we will raise your child in a nurturing environment that will promote the importance of education, love, respect, and the self-confidence needed as they move forward in this world. While our pictures show that we are able to have fun, we also want you to know that we are dedicated to raising your child in an environment that will make them most likely to succeed in life.

Terryn and Travis