Justin and Kelsey


Dear Birth Mom,

What would you dream for your child? Do you picture noisy backyard soccer games while lightning bugs welcome the cool evening by the glow of a family fire? Do you imagine chocolaty finger hugs and marshmallow kisses as the family talks on the back porch? This is our dream for our future family. If you have similar dreams for your child, we would love to share in these dreams together.
“Adoption is not a choice made lightly or impulsively, and it is certainly not made because of a lack of love. Adoption *is* love.” – unknown

We admire your strength and courage and we can’t imagine how hard of a decision this must be for you. What a brave woman you are! Your love for your child shines through with making such an unselfish decision. You are giving your child a chance at life that most wouldn’t have the courage to give. With this difficult decision you are also giving a new family the opportunity to realize their dream (our dream) of one day being a mommy and a daddy.

Let us tell you a little about our lives. Our names are Justin and Kelsey. We are a goofy and fun-loving young couple who want nothing more than to have a family and to be parents. We desire so deeply to share our loving and supportive family with our first child. Family is the most important thing in our lives, next to God. We see our parents on a weekly, almost daily basis. Every Sunday after church we eat lunch with our families, and we enjoy our ice cream dates with anyone ready for a quick road trip. There is not a memory in our lives, big or small, that we have not shared with our families.

We have had a bunch of first memories together as a couple. We shared in Justin’s first airplane ride to our honeymoon in Mexico. After not speaking for hours on the trip (because he thought talking might change the air pressure in the cabin, lol!) he finally let go of the seat handles and we traveled off the plane to be met by the crystal clear waters of the sea. We’ve zip-lined through the Mexican tree top canopies, snorkeled in an underground lake, and repelled from a hundred foot tower. We’ve also taken our first cruise to the Caribbean (which Kelsey was convinced was going to sink…hey look, it didn’t :-) ). That’s how strong our love is. We are willing to conquer our fears together while making life long memories at the same time. Our dream is to continue making these memories with our child to be.

When we’re not making memories together, we’re trying to shape our future with a strong work ethic. Justin is in retail management, and he seeks to build a stable environment for his family. Kelsey is an elementary school teacher, and is dedicated to being a loving and supportive role model to her munchkins (students). We both have been successful in our careers and plan to provide a financially stable and loving environment for our children. We seek to build a home centered around strong education principals, a devotion in faith, and a solid community of family and friends that creates a positive and upbeat life for a child.

While we may seem young compared to some other families looking to adopt, our heart is still leading us on this path. Our fertility struggles started a few months after we got married. After multiple attempts with fertility treatments, God began to lay on our hearts the desire to stop running against His Will and to turn towards it. God began shining a light on our path through church messages, radio talks, and simply laying the desire to adopt on our hearts. All our prayers have led us to this moment with you and we consider it a blessing from God that you are reading our letter.

We understand that you will have some difficult choices ahead of you and we hope that you have a sense of peace no matter what decision you make. We are so thankful you have taken some time to get to know us. We hope that you have seen our hearts, not just our words.

~ Kelsey and Justin