Jeremy and Sheila

Dear Birth Parent,

Hello, we are so happy that you are reading our letter and appreciate your decision for choosing adoption for your baby. My husband and I admire the amazing strength and courage it took for you to get to this point. We understand that searching for a forever family might be the hardest thing you will ever do, and at the same time we are having a challenging time starting a family. We would love to have the opportunity to give your child a lifetime of love and encouragement for years to come.

My husband and I have been married for four years. We live in a two-story traditional home. We plan on making the bedroom next to ours the nursery and can’t wait to start decorating it! We have a welcoming front porch and a spacious yard with plenty of room for a swing set and lots of running and fun. We live in a wonderful small town with many advantages. Our home is close to and within walking distance to several parks, restaurants, and a historic movie theater. We have a large community swimming pool in the summer months and many different parades and festivals throughout the year. Our school system is rated “excellent” and is located in close proximity to our home. We love living in our community and feel it would be a blessing if we could raise a child here.

When Jeremy and I first met, we were attending a Christmas Eve Service at our church. We were both new to the church and started dating shortly after our meeting. Christmas has always meant something special to us since that night. After dating for awhile, Jeremy started a tradition by buying me a special ornament for the tree every year. The first year he had inscribed, “Sheila and Jeremy’s 1st Christmas”, but one year when I opened the box, the ornament read…”Will You Marry Me”? I was so surprised and very happy! Each year we have added a new ornament…and are looking forward to adding…”Baby’s 1st Christmas”!

We both feel blessed to have such caring families. Our parents on both sides live in close proximity to us and are supportive and excited that we have chosen the adoption path. They are just thrilled to someday meet their new little grandchild. Most of our friends now have children and usually bring them along when they come over for a visit or we all get together for an outing. Jeremy and I enjoy going on short trips and picnics. Some of the most fun trips have been the ones that aren’t even planned! We love going to the zoo and spending the day or taking a walk down the street in our hometown. Many of our summer vacations have included our extended family at the beach. These vacations bring our family closer and mean the world to us. It would mean so much to both of us if we had a child to share all of these experiences with!

Although we have not yet met you, please understand how grateful we are to you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child. You are very special and if we are chosen by you, we would be happy to send you updated pictures and exchange correspondence with you about your child. We would be willing to have a more open relationship if it is something you are interested in. If you would rather seek a more closed adoption, we will respect your wishes. We want you to know we will always love and cherish your child and make them feel special. Thank you for considering us.

With Love,
Sheila and Jeremy