Eric and Jennifer

Dear Birth Mother,

We are excited at the thought of you reading this letter because we know that this means you are considering making your child a part of our loving family! We respect you tremendously for the difficult decision you are about to make, but admire your courage to do what you feel is the best for your child. We hope that after reading this letter and viewing our profile book you can see that your child would be a loving and welcomed addition to our family!

We have a sign in our home that says “All because two people fell in love,” and ultimately this is where our journey begins. We are high school sweethearts who met and fell in love during study hall. My mom made me put my telephone number on my calculator in case it were lost, and Eric saw my phone number on it and used it to call me for the first time! We dated all the way through high school and college. We just celebrated our ten year wedding anniversary and began dating sixteen years ago this September. We have “grown up” together and as much as our love and affection has matured and deepened over the years, it reached an entirely new level when we became parents. We love and appreciate each other even more now that we are not only husband and wife but also mommy and daddy.

We are proud to be called mommy and daddy by our two sons Hunter and Zacarey. We were blessed when Hunter was born in May of 2008 and Zacarey was born almost three years later in 2011. Your child would be born into a family with two older brothers to love and protect them! Eric is a very hands’ on dad. He is the kind of dad who makes forts in the middle of the living room, and takes the kids camping under the big tree in our backyard. He is a very fun dad and our children squeal with delight when he comes home from work each day. I am the kind of mom who loves spending time with the boys. The boys and I enjoy having picnics at the park, picking out books at the library to read together at home, and playing for hours in the backyard.

We have always talked about adoption and it has held a special place in our hearts. We were first introduced to the idea of adoption when Eric’s parents adopted his younger brother. We talked about adoption when I originally struggled to become pregnant with our first child. Before we could actively pursue the process of adoption, I became pregnant with Hunter. I have also always felt that God was leading me to adopt a child. Numerous members of our Church family have adopted and I feel like God has put “road signs” all around us leading to writing this letter today. When we began to discuss a third child to complete our family, adoption just seemed like the perfect option for us. We hope to have all of our children close in age so they can grow up playing and enjoying life together.

Eric is a general manager for a local company and I am a middle school science teacher. I’ve currently stepped out of the classroom to be a stay at home mom to allow more time for my children and family. We live in a nice home in the county with a large backyard that is perfect for playing. There is an open field that borders woods behind our house. We often look out our window and watch turkey or deer run across the field.

Eric and I both come from big families. Our families live nearby and are very important and involved in our lives. Our families are excited about the idea of us adopting and look forward to welcoming another member into our family.

We are a very active family. We enjoy traveling, and outdoor activities such as camping, boating, fishing, swimming and hunting. We find that spending time outdoors gives us the opportunity to spend quality time together as a family.

If you feel a connection to our family after reading this letter and viewing our information, we hope that you will consider meeting us. We are interested in discussing the level of openness you would feel comfortable with in adoption. We would love to have the opportunity to meet you, get to know you, and show you just how blessed we would feel to have your child be a part of our family.

We wish you all the best,
Eric and Jennifer