Dan and Sarah


Dear Birth Parent,

Hi! Our names are Dan and Sarah. We currently live in a small town and LOVE it! Sarah works at a local day care and elementary school, while Dan pastors the church we started four years ago as well as working for a major retailer.

We feel like our life for the past five years has had a gaping hole. Though we greatly enjoy children, we are unable to have our own. Even in the face of this fact, we love to be around children. We constantly work with children in the church and enjoy the opportunity to make a positive influence for Christ on their lives.

We believe God has a special child for us that He has already chosen. We cannot imagine the struggles you must be going through right now, but we thank you for the good choices you are making and for putting the best interests of your child above your own. We plan to give our child all the love we can give and more. He/she will also know of their Heavenly Father who loves them more than we ever could. One day we hope to have even more children through adoption or on our own (though it would take a miracle from God). We want our children to know the joys of a large family.

We have been praying for this child for years and for you, the parent. Though you may not choose us as parents for your child or adoption in itself – our prayers are with you that God would lay His hand upon your life and use you for greater things than you could ever imagine.

For His Honor and Glory,
Dan and Sarah

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