Billy and Laurie



“A dream is a wish your heart makes, when you’re fast asleep” –Cinderella

This quote describes how we, Billy and Laurie, are feeling right now. We have a dream in our hearts and that dream is to become parents. Due to infertility, we are not able to do this on our own. So, after much prayer, we felt God was leading us down the road to adoption. We cannot even begin to imagine how difficult it was for you to come to the decision to consider adoption. We want to say thank you for considering adoption.

Let us take this opportunity to tell you a little about ourselves. We were married in June of 2006. We share lots of common interests, but one of the things we love the most is spending time with children. Billy works as a custodial supervisor at a local middle school and Laurie works as a special education teacher at a local elementary school. Together, we teach a special needs Sunday School Class at our church. We are financially responsible and try to be good stewards of the things God has blessed us with. Our home is a two story brick/vinyl house, located in a quiet subdivision with many families with children.

Helping others is also very important to us. We volunteer weekly with a local ministry at our church. Billy also volunteers as a firefighter/EMT for our local county fire department.
We have a very loving and supportive extended family. Both of our parents live locally and we see them often. One of our dreams is to become parents. We love to have fun, especially with our two year old nephew. Really, we are just kids at heart.

We want you to know that we seek to participate in an open adoption, where the child we adopt would be able to know his or her birthparent(s) in some way. We understand that this is the healthiest way to keep the lines of communication open with everyone involved.

If you couldn’t tell from the quote at the beginning of our letter, we love everything Disney. But even more than Disney, our faith in God, is by far the most important thing to us. We are Christians and are very active in our church. Billy is a deacon at the church we attend. It is through prayer that God has led us to this point in our adoption journey. We hope that you and your child will also become partners with us on our adoption journey.

We appreciate you taking the time to take a small look into our lives. If you have any questions, we would be happy to answer them for you. We will end our letter with another Disney quote that we feel is fitting for the adoption process.

“Sometimes the right path is not the easiest one” –Grandmother Willow (Pocahontas)


Billy and Laurie