Alan and Sheila


Dear Birth Parent,

We first want to say to you how much we admire and respect your decision to make an adoption plan for your child. Your courage is truly outstanding! Alan and I are blessed to have such a wonderful relationship together. We became best friends shortly after we met in college and we have remained that way over our twenty years of marriage! We know we can count on each other for anything. Not a day goes by that we don’t share our love for each other with an “I love you” or a kiss and hug. We are totally committed to each other and our relationship!

We longed for children over the years of our marriage, however soon we were told that we were not able to have children. We prayed for help and got our answer when we discovered the world of adoption. In 2005, we were blessed by a birthparent much like you, with a beautiful baby boy. He has been the joy of our lives! Then in reapplying to be adoptive parents, we were given a surprise blessing with our biological son, Andrew, born in 2009! From the day Andrew was born we knew we still wanted to adopt another child, it was never out of our thoughts. So now we continue the journey to find our third forever child.

I know you may think we already have children and why would we want another. We knew long ago we wanted several children. We know what is involved with loving and raising a child, and we are so ready to do it again. Our boys are also ready. Our oldest ordered a baby sister right after the birth of his baby brother!

We currently live in a cozy neighborhood in a two story home with a fenced in back yard, we have several parks and a community pool within walking distance. Alan works as a military officer and his work is close by allowing him to come home for lunch most days. He loves his job and plans on staying in until retirement. Sheila is a registered nurse and currently is not employed so that she may be home with the boys.

We would like to thank you for considering us as an adoptive family. We know that you will make the right choice. Our prayers and thoughts will be with you.

Sheila, Alan, Daniel, and Andrew

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