Adam and Chrissy


Hi, we are Adam, Chrissy, & Graycie and we are excited at the opportunity to share our lives and ourselves through this letter.  Thank you for your choice to give life to another human being, a choice full of strength and courage.  There are no words to express our respect and gratitude for your considering us as parents to your unborn child.  We are committed to offering this child a life of unconditional love and constant nurturing.

I’m Chrissy and I am 5’6 with long dirty blond hair and brown eyes. I turned 31 this past May and have an Associate in Applied Science in Business Management-Administration.  I am a Human Resource Assistant and have worked within my business for 5 years.  When I’m not pushing papers, I have many interests.  By far, my favorite interest is my daughter and anything she is doing!!  I love scrapbooking and photography.  I love spending time with my extended family & friends.  I enjoy hanging out with my husband, going to movies, vacationing, comedy clubs, sporting events, and hanging out at home.

I am Adam and I’m 6’1 with brown hair and hazel eyes.  I will be 32 in November.  I have an Associate in Applied Science in Manufacturing Technology.  I have worked as a Construction Inspector for 12 years.  I enjoy disc golf, fishing, and going to sporting events.  I also LOVE playing with my daughter.

Graycie is our 16 month old daughter, who was born in April of 2010.  Blond hair, blue eyes, and on the go ALL the time!!  We adopted her and have been with her since she was about 4 hours old.  She is our heart and soul.  She loves Disney Jr cartoons, reading, playing outside, and being her little cousins.

We met at work, we hit it off immediately and have been in love every since.  We have been together for 5 years and are going to celebrate our 4 year wedding anniversary in November 2011 and are the best of friends as well as a couple.

We live in the country, about 10 minutes from a city that offers a hospital, schools, shopping centers, movie theaters, and all the fine dining you could ask for!  We get to enjoy the quietness of the country with convenience of the city.  We have 2 and 2/3 acres for Graycie to go wild in, which she loves!!

Adam was born and raised Catholic, while Chrissy was raised Baptist.  Chrissy converted to Catholicism before we got married because it is extremely important for us to raise our children in a home based on faith in God.

Adoption is an amazing gift through which we have realized our deepest desire: becoming parents.  Through skinned knees, laughter, tears, first words, and broken hearts, I love this journey called parenting.   We thank you for checking out our profile and considering us for this great honor.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you as you continue through this journey.

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