Constant Contacts

We have had a lot of updates this month but that’s because there has been a lot to report!
We have received a new photo of the progress being made on the building site of the new baby’s home and an update from Ken.

Dear friends,

I have spent everyday of the past two weeks at the construction site; it is both hectic and tiresome. Thank you for your prayers and support.today,we started laying the concrete slab for the foundation. We will be done with this phase in two weeks. After this phase, we will be waiting for the team to join us so we work together.

God bless you,
Kenneth Nganda

In other news, our family who had court on Aprril 17th were approved for guardianship! There is so much more to that story that I want to share, but I will wait until the family comes home so we can include a photo. I have found our new attorney to be incredibly thorough, and we are VERY pleased with her work.

Thanks to all of you for your generous donations. We have raised enough funds to meet the April budget! We are now moving in to raising funds for May. God is able!

Our mission team is getting excited as our trip is now less than a month away. The flights have been paid for and almost all of the team members fund raising goals have been met. We expect each team member to be fully funded which will allow us a little extra funds to purchase much needed items for the baby’s home when we arrive (cribs, mattresses, etc.)

Ken and Cathy accepted a new baby into the baby’s home last week, but I do not yet have any details. I have written also and asked for updates regarding the current children’s files so we can have them reviewed by the attorney and begin matching those children if those files are ready. In addition, while I am in Uganda, I will be sitting down with Ken and Cathy to talk about the speed at which files are being processed and if there is anything that we can help with.

Click here to see the layout plans for the New Child Care Center