Bulgaria Adoption Program

A Helping Hand offers a Bulgaria program through our affiliate agency Nightlight Christian Adoptions.


Children of ages 2 years and older are available for adoption. Most of the children are of Roma descend and have olive skin and dark hair. Sibling groups of older children and children with special needs are readily available.


The age difference between adoptive parents and a child should not be more than 45 years. This requirement can be more flexible with families adopting school-age children and children with special needs. Married heterosexual couples and single women are accepted into the program.


Referrals are provided by the Ministry of Justice. The referral will contain detailed information on child’s medical and social background and pictures. For children under 7 years of age the wait time for a referral is 18-30 months after dossier is registered in country. The wait time for children over 7 years of age and children with special needs is significantly shorter. We usually have information on several older children available for review at any given time.


Once your dossier has been completed and submitted to the Ministry of Justice, you become eligible to receive a referral of a child. Once referral is received, you will have 30 days to evaluate your referral and consult with physicians. If you accept it, then your travel will be scheduled.


Only 2 trips are required for adoption from Bulgaria. Each trip is about 5-7 days in length. On your first trip you will meet the child you were referred. You will spend time with your child and at the end of your trip sign an official acceptance of referral. You will go on your second trip after adoption in Bulgaria is completed and your child’s passport is obtained. You will visit the US Embassy in Sofia and will have your child evaluated at the medical clinic approved by the Embassy.


The program fee for Bulgaria is $22,000. Your additional costs will include home study, airfare, hotel, meals and embassy fees as shown on the current Program Fee Schedule. Gifts and other in-country expenses are comparable to other international programs.

If you would like print materials about the program, download the Bulgaria Adoption Overview. For additional information about this program please click here or contact Kate Feeback at (970) 663-6799 or Kate@Nightlight.org.